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Canal s’engage dans des documentaires sur le développement durable avec LES NOUVEAUX EXPLORATEURS
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Le secteur des sports d’hiver est en danger
19/01/2007 - Lire la suite
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La pratique, une vélo comme levier du développement durable

BikeForPeace.org - No Blood For Oil !
Imagine a World Without Cars !

BikeForPeace.org Bike for Peace is here to help you withdraw your dollars from oil companies which profit from "oil wars" and create environmental and social catastrophes world-wide. Here are some transportation facts and ideas for what you can do :"
Automobile Facts

Automobiles are central to many of the worlds problems today

See an example of how the automobile dominates our urban environment
Packing Pavement
Oil companies make record profits while consumers pay at the pump.
High Gas Prices

(CBS) Skyrocketing crude oil prices are hitting Americans in the wallet in ways they might not imagine, increasing the price of everything from pizza delivery to patching a leaky roof.

Gasoline costs about $2.37 a gallon on average this week, reflecting global crude oil prices that are more than $65 a barrel. A year ago, oil cost $44 a barrel and gasoline $1.89 per gallon.

There were an estimated 6,356,000 car accidents in the US in 2000. There were about 3.2 million injuries and 41,821 people were killed in auto accidents in 2000.

Find out how much water is used to wash a car.
Car Wash Water Usage

Find out what rinses off and down the drain when a car is washed. Environmental Effects of Car Washing
Oil Wars

The war in Iraq isn’t for oil, it’s a war for Americans convenience to drive their own personal automobiles and to buy cheap subsidized gas. As of 2001, the number of vehicles registered in Boulder County was 232,197, this number will no doubt increase. The US government has gone to great lengths to keep fossil fuels the primary source of energy.

Donald Rumsfeld greets Saddam Hussein as Reagan’s envoy 12/20/83. The Bush regime is saturated with oil : Bush Sr. of the Carlyle Group, Bush Jr. formerly of Harken, Dick Cheney, formerly of Halliburton, Condoleezza Donald Rumsfeld shakes Saddam Hussein’s hand in 1983Rice, formerly of Chevron, Donald Rumsfeld, formerly of Occidental, etc. When they leave government, they’ll get their old jobs back (the "revolving door") or in other ways will be well-rewarded for the new oil contracts in Iraq.

These companies are already profiting from the Iraq war mobilization -the Pentagon is the largest oil user in the world- and will make a killing when the Bush regime divides up Iraq’s oil after the war. According the UN Research Institute, arms are the world’s largest business, followed by illegal drugs and then oil. All are connected.

Transforming the American Military into a Global Oil-Protection Service

"The End of Cheap Oil" reproduced from the 3/98 Scientific American explains why oil will become FAR more valuable soon.

Life After the Oil Crash "Deal with Reality, or Reality will Deal with You"

A report by the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy shows the oil and gas industry pays the lowest effective tax rate of any industry in America - just 5.7 percent in 1998.They can do this because their enormous wealth can buy or rent so many in Congress.

Poor Transportation Policy

See More CarToons from Andy Singer

What you can do to reduce your dependence on petroleum :

There are all types of bicycle organizations with many purposes and tactics existing on the local and nationalTrue Patriots Don’t burn Oil - Do Your Part levels. These groups need our time and financial support in order to ensure a less auto-centric future. Now is the time to get involved and help make a bike friendly world a reality. If you have an idea or know of a website that should be listed here let us know

Bicycle Move November 5, 2005

We moved to a new place and decided to do it by bicycle. We sent out some emails and put the word out on the street asking folks for help. Eleven riders with trailers stepped up to the cause...read more

Find the commuter bike that’s right for you.
Spreading the Car-Free Message

Bike For Peace Banner March 19, 2005 Denver Capital on the second anniversarry of the Iraq invasion

Banner hangs are definitely attention getters - Pictured here a Bike For Peace banner at the capital building in Denver Colorado on the second anniversary of the invasion of Iraq March 19th, 2005. See more bike for peace banner hangs.
Why Would Jesus Drive Stickers (PDF)

Why Would Jesus Drive ? Stickers

The league of American Bicyclists and Velo Mondial have put together an Action Plan for Bicycle Friendly Communities designed to help communities effectively include cycle planning in their transportation master plans.

Paul Dorn’s Bike Commuting Tips

Car-free Cities proposes a delightful solution to the vexing problem of urban automobiles.

Ride a bicycle whenever possible. As we all learned in elementary school, cycling is THE most efficient method of transportation !

Winter Bicycle Commuting Advice Take it or Leave it.

The Boulder Bicycle Commuters (BBC) work with the Transportation Advisory Board (TAB) to further develop Bicycle facilities. Find a listing of bicycle organizations in Colorado.

Boulder Car-Share has 4 cars that can be helpful during a transition to a car-free lifestyle.

Support the Bike Commuter Act, which gives cyclists the same tax advantage drivers and bus riders get

Links to local and national bicycle organizations.

Wunderbar ! The Europeans are way ahead of us ! See Bike-for-Peace.org

Most errands can be done by bike with backpacks, paneers or trailers

Think you can’t haul the kids or groceries with a bike ? Here’s Evan with the neighborhood kids AND six bags of groceries on his mid-size Bikes at Work trailer. They and others make larger, smaller and single-wheel trailers too. For many, panniers or baskets will do. Don’t forget fenders for rain & snow and a headlight for night travel.

Post Carbon Institute is an educational institution and think tank that explores in theory and practice what cultures, civilization, governance & economies might look like without the use of (non-renewable) hydrocarbons as energy and chemical feedstock’s.

The Endo of Suburbia - Oil Depletion and The Collapse of The American DreamTHE END OF SUBURBIA : Oil Depletion and the Collapse of The American Dream
What does Oil Peak mean for North America ? As energy prices skyrocket in the coming years, how will the populations of suburbia react to the collapse of their dream ? Are today’s suburbs destined to become the slums of tomorrow ? And what can be done NOW, individually and collectively, to avoid The End of Suburbia ?

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